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Alfresco Enterprise Content Management

Alfresco reduces your ECM costs by up to 96% compared to proprietary systems like Documentum, Open Text and SharePoint. It's as simple to use as a shared drive or SharePoint and does not lock you in to a proprietary stack.


Document Management

Alfresco Document Management captures, shares and retains content, enabling users to version, share, workflow enable and search. Features accessible through technologies you are familiar with; Right click on a file in windows explorer to make it versionable.

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Process Management

An integral part of any organization is efficient process. But in practive few companies have the right process in place for their content, making it hard for users to work because they can’t or its time consuming to find what they need when they need it.

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Imagine a worst case scenario: You're involved in a lawsuit or audit, and you need to compile mission-critical business documents that range from scanned images and email to social media files and web content. You have until the end of the day. Could you do it?

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Alfresco Share is built on the Alfresco enterprise-class document repository and delivers out-of-the-box collaborative content management. It simplifies capturing, sharing and retrieval of information across virtual teams. Team or project members can rapidly find relevant content, experts, look at past or similar projects and keep on top of any relevant changes.

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Document Management

Organized and Easier to find

Multi-filed, Version Controlled documents accessible Globally with security. Powerful faceted search that let you search within documents while delivering extremely fast results.

Overpriced, overly complex Enterprise Content Management has been commoditized and consumerized. Real people want the simplicity and familiarity of the tools they use day-in, day-out: shared drives and Microsoft Office.

Alfresco Document Management captures, shares and retains content, enabling users to version, search and simply build their own content applications - all with the tools they use today.

Shared drive

Globally accessible, but as easy as shared drive.

The Alfresco repository is the same as a shared drive. So out-of-the box you can keep using the authoring tools you know and like, from Microsoft Office to Open Office, Dreamweaver or AutoCAD, with no desktop installation or retraining. You just get what you want and your company wants - the ability to save, version, share, search and audit.

Office Integration

Access from office with extended features

Alfresco integrates with Microsoft Office and Open Office. So you can continue to work in your office environment with no retraining. You just get what you want and your company wants - the ability to save, version, share, search, audit with simple workflow integration.

Rules for Content Applications

Execute complex actions with documents are moved,copied and/or created.

Alfresco turns the simple shared drive into a virtual file system where, through simple wizards, you can create the content applications you need. If you drag a document into a folder, you can start a workflow, perhaps converting the document to another format, moving it to another folder or notifying a set of users via email. Or the workflow might even extract properties, such as the author's name or other keywords, from the document so that you can use them to search for the document later. You just get the application you or your department need, all as simply as configuring an email rule.

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Alfresco's Document Management System

Process Management

Streamline processes for greater agility.

Do You Need to Drive Efficiency and Productivity throughout Your Organization's Business Processes?

Agile organizations need to automate business processes quickly so individuals can be supported by those efficiency gains rather than thwarted by inflexible processes.

Standardizing and implementing business processes across the enterprise creates effectiveness, ensures consistency and leads to continuous improvement.

Alfresco makes it easy to define and automate the critical processes that run your business:

  • Open and modern BPM platform allows flexibility for automating, customizing and rapidly adapting business processes
  • Graphical tools make it easy for less technical users to design and adjust business processes, speeding application rollouts and business alignment
  • Integrated process and document management capabilities enable processes that involve business-critical content to run smoothly and efficiently
  • Human-centric workflows, shared tasks and content-sharing support collaborative processes
  • Since documents and user tasks can be accessed via any standard web browser, from within Office applications and from mobile devices, processes don't stop at the boundaries of the enterprise
  • Reusable process and forms libraries enable fast and simple rapid application assembly while ensuring enterprise best practices and standards are incorporated
  • Support for on-premise and in the cloud options ensures flexibility of process deployment and execution
  • Process reporting provides insight into process efficiency and performance

"Alfresco allows us to manage all our Web content in one centralized place, while still giving us the flexibility to customize content and sites based on our specific client contracts. Alfresco is easy to use and allows our marketing department to control the content and sites with minimal support for the Web creative team. This is a solution that can grow with us and one we can use for many years to come."
— Robert W .Sansom, Head of Online Creative, BT Conferencing


Manage disparate critical business documents for seamless compliance.

Could You Easily Gather All Of the Relevant Documents Related to a Case?

Imagine a worst case scenario: You're involved in a lawsuit or audit, and you need to compile mission-critical business documents that range from scanned images and email to social media files and web content. You have until the end of the day. Could you do it?

Many organizations have a records management solution in place to maintain regulatory standards, but it's often a complex process run by a dedicated staff. Even then, retrieval can be slow, and some printed information is stored offsite in secure storage facilities. Even worse, failure to do so can lead to significant fines.

With Alfresco, you can turn compliance worries into a best case scenario:

  • Open source enterprise content management delivers the extra level of control needed to manage critical records
  • Transitioning to a system based on modern technology brings more efficiency and lower costs than offsite storage options
  • Scalable system lets you retain an increasing number of records while maintaining streamlined processes
  • Assists in establishing retention policies that lead to better compliance and stronger document management for the future
  • By managing the complete lifecycle of a record from initial creation to final destruction, you can easily automate compliance processes

"With enterprise scalability, auto-classification, preserve in place, advanced analytics and integrated review and production, we provide a complete solution at a fraction of what it would cost to cobble together point products. By combining our deep knowledge of the litigation vertical with Alfresco’s expertise in records and document management, we are setting the standard for document lifecycle and discovery response solutions.".
— Michael McCreary, CEO, Rational Retention

"Alfresco provides us with a platform for retaining and managing our most critical documents - student records - easily and cost effectively. Each year we continue to expand our Alfresco implementation to streamline processes, saving the district money and time and allowing teachers to focus on their students.".
— Lea Beeken, Supervisor, District Records and FOIP Management, Edmonton Public Schools


Can you share internal customer-facing documents and collaborate without compromising your corporate network? Does the thought of granting external agencies and individuals VPN access make you flinch?

Overpriced, overly complex collaboration has been commoditized and consumerized. People want the simplicity and familiarity of the tools they use day-in, day-out - searching in Google, reading in Wikipedia, writing in a Blog, finding people in Facebook, being notified in a simple RSS reader, viewing friends activities in Facebook and bringing this all together in iGoogle. Alfresco Share delivers all of this functionality for enterprise users, projects and teams.

Many organizations struggle with access issues, believing that collaboration comes with security risks. With Alfresco, you can keep your highly valued content secure while still sharing documents:

  • Secure enterprise content repository sits behind your firewall and syncs seamlessly with the Alfresco cloud service, allowing for secure collaboration with external agencies or partners
  • Easy-to-configure management capabilities offer total IT control in the cloud
  • Personal dashboard allows users to see what new documents, images or videos have been added to their project sites and what individual team members are accessing
  • Open technology allows you to easily customize the platform to meet your company's unique needs
  • Ability to maintain control of your enterprise assets while using the cloud just for external collaboration and data reporting
  • With Alfresco One, you get the entire collaboration solution in one enterprise subscription

"With Alfresco, we have been able to provide users with team collaboration capabilities in a secure and modern environment and still have access to the core code. We’re looking forward to adding more social collaboration features that will allow researchers to more easily share ideas and test results."
— David Cordner, NASA, IT Architect, Research Directorate

"Alfresco has met our content management needs and has made content delivery to our customers available in a unique and fantastic way."
— Michael Katten, Director of Technical Publications at Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories

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