Everything Your Restaurant Needs,

We got it

Odoo Restaurant is a complete solution for bar and restaurants. Insanely fast, easy to use and higly customizable, Odoo Restaurant is suited for restaurants and bars of any size, from the ice-cream van to multinational chains.

As a Web Application, Odoo Restaurant does not require any installation. It just works online. And if you ever lose your internet connection, Odoo Restaurant will continue to work offline.

You will be able to run real time statistics and consolidations across all your restaurants without the hassle of integrating several applications.

A Bird-Eye view on your restaurant

With The Floors & Tables Manager

Odoo Restaurant lets you quickly overview your restaurant and jump from floor to floor to your table's orders. The Layout can be changed on a whim, tables can be added and removed as you wish.

The Floor plan will tell you exactly where are your customers, where are the free tables, who is still waiting for food, and how much room do you have left..

Odoo Restaurant supports multiple point of sales in the same restaurant. The floor plan is entirely optional and can be configured on a point of sale basis.

An interface designed for productivity

The Point of Sales that keeps everything where you need it

Split The Bills

Orders can be paid in separate payments, or split into multiple new orders.

Split orders can be paid immediately, or kept for later.

Kitchen & Bar Printing

New orders and updates can be wirelessly sent to the kitchen or bar as soon as you encode them.

The order instructions are automatically sent to the correct printer based on the menu item category.

Blazing fast search

Take orders directly at the tables. Browse through hierarchical categories or quickly get information about products with fast filtering across all your items.

Deliver in-store customer services


Odoo Restaurant is more than an ordinary POS. Our app provides extra features to deliver a customer services.

Give your clients a positive experience by improving your services. Offer loyalty cards and rewards, get a quick overview on available tables, control sales and cash in real time, record clients to inform them, etc.

Unified Data Across All Restaurants to improve your sales

Sync products, prices and clients with no effort

Odoo Restaurant implement various functionnalities to improve your sales. New products, pricing strategies and promotions can be automatically applied to the selected restaurants. You can implement a global strategy across all your restaurants without difficulties.

With Odoo as a backend, you have a system proven to be perfectly suitable for all sizes - from small bars to restaurant chains.

Know Your Customers

In The Restaurant and Online

Successful brands integrate all their customer relationships across all their channels to develop accurate customer profiles and communicate with clients, in the restaurant and online.

With Odoo, you get a 360 degree customer view, including cross-channel sales, interaction history, profiles and more.

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