Network Design And Management

Network Design and Management,  
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Network Design and Management

Robust networking infrastructure is critical for any business environment; It's not just about connecting equipements or getting them to communicate with each other; Improper design or equipment selection may lead to security, scalability and/or in-optimal use of resources. Group Three IT Consultants can help you establish a robust data exchange platform.

If you feel your network infrastructure has failed to keep up, you're not alone. The network environments of yesteryear were not designed with today's technology and business requirements in mind. Your competitiveness is being limited by a complex network infrastructure that doesn't scale well and suffers from increased cost of ownership and less-than-optimum reliability and performance.

You need a modern infrastructure that cures the current shortcomings of your aging disparate systems and is robust and flexible enough to support your future networking needs.

G3 IT Consultants can help you migrate to a high-performance network environment. Our Network Management Services transform your disparate networks, applications and platforms into a single, integrated environment that future-proofs your business. You get a life-cycle portfolio of network services that:

  • Maximize performance of existing devices
  • Support advanced communications
  • Eliminate redundancies
  • Reduce carrier costs
  • Control information technology (IT) spend
  • Open up new wireless and mobile capabilities
  • Increase operational excellence
  • Scale to meet future demands

In addition to reducing complexity and cost, you'll see improvements in performance, reliability and efficiency. All with the convenience that comes from having a single IT partner coordinate all your infrastructure needs.

Portfolio of Services

Network Management Services includes the following standard packages:

  • Managed LAN Switched Ethernet solutions to address the client's local and campus networking needs and architected to fully support either traditional LAN-based applications or converged voice, video, and data services. Services include the planning, design, deployment, and management of LAN/CAN infrastructure supporting traditional Ethernet switching or Power-over-Ethernet switching for converged IP services. ProCurve and Cisco solutions available.
  • Managed Wireless LAN Integrated, standards-based solution enables clients to securely extend the reach of corporate LAN network to maximize the productivity benefits of a WLAN infrastructure. WiFi certified to ensure interoperability with other WLAN products and secure connectivity for enterprise connectivity for laptops, notebooks, tablet PCs and handhelds. Cisco-based solution.
  • Managed Router Professional network management, monitoring and configuration services, clients receive individual circuit troubleshooting with 24x7 support on all EDS monitored circuits to drive peak performance of their routers. Single point of contact for design, configuring, proactive troubleshooting, and management of customer routing devices.

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