Many organizations are facing an ever increasing legal and moral obligation to adopt better Governance, Retention and Compliance procedures. The need to better capture, manage and control corporate information, much of which resides in business documents, emails, financial reports etc., is leading these companies to deploy Records Management solutions to help:

  • Ensure compliance against corporate rules and procedures
  • Secure systems, documents and other related records from unauthorized (or unintentional) access
  • Address compliance with a myriad of legal and regulatory requirements

But traditional Records Management solutions have typically been:

  • Disconnected – Stand alone solutions that needed to be integrated with other internal ECM systems
  • Complex – Applications designed to satisfy dedicated Records Management professionals
  • Expensive – Proprietary systems that have come with a hefty price tag for both purchase and deployment
  • Exclusive – Lacking wide-scale adoption, only being used by a core Records Management team

Alfresco Records Management

Certified to the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) 5015.02 standard, the Alfresco solution provides all of the functionality needed to help organizations capture, classify, control and dispose of a wide range of corporate records. However, the Alfresco solution has been designed to address many of the issues that have lead to limited adoption of similar solutions. The Alfresco Records Management module has been designed to be:

  • Simple to Use – Providing Records Management capability through easy to use interfaces. Available through a web-based interface for easy access from any location, via the Common Internet File System (CIFS) standard – as simple to use as a shared network drive – or through an IMAP compliant email application, to provide simple ‘Drag and Drop’ support for email records
  • A Single Scalable Repository – Alfresco uses a single repository to support a company’s full ECM requirements, including Document Management, Records Management, Email Archive, Web Content Management, and Team Collaboration
  • Easy to Deploy – Designed and built from the ground up to use today’s modern technology. Alfresco ECM can be installed on premise, leveraging both proprietary or Open Source technology stacks, or delivered through a Cloud deployment
  • Cost Effective – With no upfront enterprise license fees or per user licensing, the Alfresco Open Source solution is typically a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions

Although certified to the DoD 5015.02 standard, the Alfresco RM solution has been implemented on top of a generalized records management metadata model, allowing other standards (such as MoReq2, NOARK, etc.) to be supported.

More Information

Records Management with Alfresco (pre-recorded) Webinar

This webinar provides an introduction to Records Management, looking at why companies need to better manage corporate records, followed by a demonstration of the Alfresco Records Management module.

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Alfresco Records Management Demo

The Alfresco DemoCast site has pre-recorded demonstration videos of the Alfresco Records Management solution.

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DoD 5015.02 Certification Details

Details of the Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) certification of Alfresco Records Management Module 3.2 to the DoD 5015.02 standard.

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