Overpriced, overly complex web content management (WCM) suites, bought in the days of the ".com bubble" when money was no object, have been commoditized and consumerized. Real people want the simplicity and familiarity of the tools they use day-in, day-out: the mass of content in Wikipedia, the freshness of content in Digg, the ease of configurability and reuse of Google gadgets or Facebook pages and the low cost scalability of Web 2.0.

Alfresco WCM engages customers through next-generation sites enabling mass contributions from internal and external users, simple configuration via reusable Web Scripts and low cost massive scalability that uses commodity software and hardware.


Simple contribution by teams

Large teams can contribute via simple web forms or through a shared drive by using their desktop tool of choice. Users and groups can preview and test changes through personal preview of web site updates. The wisdom of crowds is managed through whole-site versioning and rollback.

Alfresco Surf platform

A lightweight web application construction and delivery platform that brings the power of Alfresco web scripting into the presentation tier. Focused on ease-of-use, Surf enables the rapid creation of next-generation, productivity-focused web applications designed to deliver your content to web sites and web users. Surf introduces presentation UI elements like pages, templates, components, chrome and themes. Design site navigation, page layout and on-screen gadgets entirely through scripting, not even requiring a server restart. Provision a rich user experience to your end users based on Yahoo! UI, Adobe Flex or your choice of client-side framework.

Low-cost commodity scalability

Web site publishing supports multi-tier deployment architectures. Content can be transactionally deployed to static content servers or Alfresco runtime repositories providing complete architectural flexible for your web farm.

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