Take your office with you

Zarafa WebApp provides a rich client experience in your favorite browser.
It offers traditional groupware features and extends your inbox with communication and sharing tools.
Don’t settle for restrictive desktop clients or limited web clients: use the perfect blend.

Master your business email like a pro

With WebApp, you control every aspect of your inbox. Use the mail layout options to make your messages stand out. Share files from your desktop by simply dropping the files into your draft. WebApp combines the power of a desktop client with the convenience of a web client:

  • Easy to use and yet complete HTML-editor
  • Keyboard shortcuts for power users
  • Rules management
  • Save emails to disk
  • Advanced delegation system
  • Categories for emails

..and much more. Experience everything in our live demo.

Become a scheduling Pro

The free/busy assistant helps you to find the right moment in everyone’s calendar for a meeting. And use the multi-user calendar to see all calendars in one overview. Finding out whether someone is available has never been so easy.

Of course, your calendar can also be synchronized between your WebApp and mobile devices.

Store, Share and Manage all your contacts

Convenience at its best: create, use and manage your contacts from one spot. Contact lists can also be shared across your organization. And every contact will be available throughout WebApp, such as when you are sending an email or when you are opening a shared folder. In addition, you can make use of a global address book that integrates smoothly with your LDAP.

Work together from one mailbox

Many organizations have connected email addresses to a team mailbox that is monitored by all the team members on incoming messages. WebApp enables you to open mail boxes as you go. Each mail box will show up in the folder navigation pane and will remain open until closed (even across login sessions!).

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