Your emails, calendar and contacts in your pocket.

Bring your email, calendar and contacts with you, wherever you go. You and your iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows Phone or BlackBerry will become even closer friends. Check your calendar on the go and stay connected with your colleagues. No additional apps are required.

Setup your account and you are good to go

You don’t have to go through hefty manuals or install additional apps. Z-Push will instantly fall in love with your modern mobile device. Use your settings menu to quickly add one or more profiles. All your profiles will sync immediately with the apps on your phone like email, calendar and contact lists.

Your email, calendar, contacts on the move

Use your mobile device to find that important email with address details for your next meeting. Or send out a meeting request while you are on the road. Your data will always be in reach with Z-Push. You can even sync the company contact lists to your phone. Convenience at is best, we would say.

You always want to stay on top of the office life?

We can imagine that you want to view certain attachments right away. In that case, you could tell your device to download attachments automatically for quicker reference. Next to that, you are in charge of how often your device checks on email. Push email? Yes, no problem off course! Z-Push uses the system notifications of your device. So, you control when and what notifications pop-up. It is all up to you to your personal preference!

Easy account setup for you, No headaches for IT.

One of the most useful features of Z-Push is “AutoDiscover”. You only need to provide your email address and password. The device will automatically find the correct settings. With Z-Push, support tickets about setting up account synchronization should become a thing of the past.

Did we mention it is ActiveSync based?

ActiveSync is THE industry standard when it comes down to mobile compatibility. Z-Push is an open source implementation that speaks the ActiveSync language. This brings much better ‘out-of-the-box’ compatibility for modern devices. The result? A user can use the native device’s UI to work with his data. Apps with a completely different user experience are passé.

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