Zarafa Files

The Zarafa Files makes file browsing a breeze. Save your files and attach ‘m to your emails as you go.
Endless switching between applications is no more. This WebApp plugin plays well with any WebDAV enabled storage.

Whereever you go, Your files go with you.

Zarafa Files is known for its “explorer-like” approach. It connects your existing storage backend(s) to WebApp. You don’t have to switch between apps to manage your files. You name it, Zarafa Files has got you covered. For example, creating folders, moving items around and renaming files, it can all done from WebApp. Inside and outside of the office.

Your email will thank you

Zarafa Files gives you a shortcut menu for frequently used actions. For example, you can create a new email where the file is automatically attached to. You want to access your files while typing a new message? Simply click “Attach files” and you are good to go.

Preview files in your browser

Get a sneak peek of the files stored in your Zarafa Files. View the photos of last night’s company dinner or listen to a recorded voicemail. Use the online viewer to open PDFs and ODFs directly in your browser.

Save attachments and messages

Do you have files in your inbox that you want to store? Save copies into Zarafa Files to access them later. You can even save entire emails. You are in full control: the plugin will ask you where you want to save the files.

Going to cloud is your choice, not ours.

The plugin comes with built-in support for many different storage backends, most notably the ones that support the industry standard “WebDAV”. ownCloud is a popular choice in many organizations because it delivers a company-focused file synchronization service, both on-premise and in the cloud. Zarafa Files can integrate tightly with ownCloud, combining best of both worlds.

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