Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions are scalable, easier to manage, faster to setup, accessible from everywhere with minimal Capital Expenditure.

Whether you are looking for cloud infrastructure solution to host your site, distributed application and/or CDN; the global footprint of available computing resources and Group Three's relevant expertise will help you quickly get started with minimal Capital Expenditure.

Looking for a Turnkey solution like Exchange Compatible Email Service, Hosted PBX, Enterprise Content Mangement with DropBox like features and/or full blown managed ERP solution and/or Business Intelligence solution with minimal management overhead and maintenance cost and nearly 0% infrastructure cost, Group Three IT Consultants can help you get started quickly.

Flexible and secure cloud

Private Cloud

You have sensitive information and you cannot rely on 3rd party with it, but still want to utilize the flexibility and scalability and cloud platform. Private cloud is the answer for you, providing all the benefits of public cloud and also keeping your information safe.

Hybrid Cloud

Want to keep some information confidential and on-premises with unmatched access speed, while capitilizing on globally distributed infrastructure of Public Cloud Provider, The Hybrid Cloud is the answer to your requirement.

Public Cloud

Have the next big idea, want to launch your product/service globally without investing millions of dollars in globally distributed infrastructure. Public Cloud is the answer for you.

Core Cloud Infrastructure Services

  • Virtual Servers
  • Containers
  • Event-driven Compute Functions
  • Auto Scaling
  • Load Balancing
Storage & Content Delivery
  • Object Storage
  • Block Storage
  • File System Storage
  • Archive Storage
  • CDN
  • Relational
  • NoSQL
  • Caching
  • Virtual Private Cloud
  • Direct Connections
  • DNS
Administration & Security
  • Identity Management
  • Access Control
  • Usage & Resource Auditing
  • Key Storage & Management
  • Monitoring & Logs
  • Service Catalog

Cloud Based Solutions

Turnkey cloud solutions to get you started quickly with minimum upfront cost.
Email & Groupware Solution

On-Premises Server with seemless integration with Our Cloud Solution, Office 365 and Gmail Solutions. Cost Effective, Exchange Compatible solution with powerful filtering and routing capabilities. Read more..

Document Management (ECM)

Your documents accessible from everywhere securely without VPN. Powerful semantic search, documents & security rules, version management and team spaces features to boost your productivity, along with your own enterprise dropbox like app.

Websites & Portals Development

Wordpress, Drupal, Liferay or Django platform of your choice. Beautiful, Scalable, User-friendly websites based on latest responsive, html5, ajax technologies.

ERP (Business Applications)

Want to have a fully-managed, agile, cloud-based ERP application with the ability to customize and extend as required by business without having to invest heavily in infrastructure and in-house support staff; Group Three provides Odoo based fully-managed ERP solution for SMEs.  Read More..

Hosted PABX & IP Telephony

Want to have a fully managed, cloud-based, IP PABX solution that makes global communication a breeze and also make local telephony calls, with all simple web-interface and also with plain old telephone you are comfortable with. Remain connected wherever you!

Business Process Management

While vertical application cater for most of the transactional requirements, but every organization have their own unique process those may be cutting across multiple Information System. With our easy to use Inbox of Tasks and Request, you'll be at ease to find where you request are standing and what tasks need your attention.

Email Archival & Retrieval

Never loose any emails because they are critical to your business or for compliance reason. Our email archival solution ensure that nothing is lost and all of your years of emails are available through a powerful navigational and search user interface.

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