Linux Plateform Support

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Linux Plateform Support

If you are running any mission critical application on Linux, It generally requires timely updates, troubleshooting and streamlining of deployed OS components and applications.

Full Stack Deployments and Support

Group Three IT Consultants provides an outsourced solution for Linux Platform Support. Our expertise and experience is built upon successful deployment and support of business critical applications deployment across heterogeneous OS environments.

Group Three IT Consultants has deployed and supported various Linux based solutions including ERP, CRM, ECMS, SMS Gateways, Call Centers and Enterprise Portals with remarkable uptime and customer satisfaction.

Our team can support you by:

  • Create a set of best practices and configure system to ensure maximum uptime,  and tourbleshoot the system if need be.
  • Customize and/or implement various enterprise applications and applications stacks such as Lamp, JEE, ERP, ECM and more.
  • Planning, developing and implementing Linux based clusters for load balancing and High Availability.
  • Undertaking security assessment, patch management and system configuration management (writing scripts for automation etc.).
  • Advising on infrastructural elements for application load, security and performance current and future demands.
  • Providing bespoke Service Level Agreements.

G3 IT Consultants has successfully deployed and is supporting a broad spectrum of business critical applications involving complex technology stacks.If you are looking for support of already deployed Linux based solution or wants to explore the possibilities.

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