Managed Infrastructure

Managed Infrastructure for businesses with  
High Availability^Disaster Recovery^Flexible Storage^Private Cloud^Managed Network

Managed Infrastructure

Business are their to deliver services to their clients and/or produced goods and not to worry about Routers, Switches, Servers, OSs, Private/Hybrid Clouds, Databases and Cables.

Even if you have in-house staff, those should be cocerned about higher-level objective those should be achieved by IT Infrastructure; e.g. Required Bandwidth/Throughput, High-Availability, Disaster Recovery, Security, Elasticity and/or Agility. And evaluate whether proposed solution fulfill the business's IT objective.

Managed Network

Concentrate on your business and let G3 handle the business requirements of Redundancy Links & devices, High Availability, Network Throughput and you'll never have to worry about firewalls, routers, switches and/or gateways.  much more features at fraction of the cost

Managed Databases

Your business needs a new database to store operational data but is that database Scalable (Clustered), Highly Available, Backed-up? Have you plan for disaster recovery? Leave the technical details for us and we'll provide you your business transaction ready database.

Smart Storage Systems

Are you running out of disk space and/or backup space? does your storage not meeting the application required throughput and is slow? are you using your storage efficiently? is your data replicating to remote site? Our smart storage solution let you decouple the compute resources from storage resources and providing to compute devices, the storage both as Network Attached Storage (NAS) and SAN (Storage Area Network) block device with required throughput and redundancy requirements.

Private/Hybrid Cloud

The cloud infrastructure bring elasticity, scalability and better resource utilization to your network. Application can quickly be deployed by provisioning the required resources very quickly. Business can save time and money by:

  • Faster resource provisioning for Business Users
  • quickly launching instances on demand and/or based on service load.
  • Quickly migrate the application in case of hardware failure.
  • Take snapshots for backup and Point-in-time recovery
  • Easier upgrades with faster roll-back when required
  • Quick Service provisioning by using templates
Turnkey Managed Solutions

You want an ERP, a CMS and/or messaging solution that fulfils your business requirements of high-availability, elasticity through cloud services, smart storage management. Group Three can deliver end-to-end complete business solutions delivering them on state of the art infrastructure as per business requirements.

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