Key features & benefits

Building new mobile apps requires basic services, such as user registration, account management and data storage. It takes significant resources to develop each of these for every new app. Meanwhile all your apps and websites end up different, resulting in a disjointed customer experience.

As your needs grow, you'll want to surface data from back-end applications or cloud services to all your apps and sites. Because they all exist separately, you'll have to tediously manage each one individually.

Alternatively, starting with the Liferay platform equips you with immediately useful common services. Identity management and data storage can be centralized. Application logic can be reused across all your mobile apps and websites.

Create Mobile Experiences

Optimize your website for mobile browsing and your users will reward you with more frequent interaction. Liferay helps you create responsive and mobile-specific websites quickly.

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Mobile First Websites

Build better websites with location services and device previews.

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Responsive Design

Content, layouts, and user interface work responsively out of the box.

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Device-Specific Websites

Use Mobile Device Rules and Hierarchical Sites to tailor websites to individual models.

Use Liferay as an Enterprise Mobile Platform

Reduce development time and lower maintenance costs by using business logic such as user profiles, authentication, back-end integration, localization, and more.

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Reuse Core Functionality

User profiles, documents, workflow, and social collaboration, can be utilized in your apps and sites.

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Instant Integration

Back-end integrations to CRM, ERP, and other complex systems can be surfaced to your mobile apps.

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Experiential Continuity

Storing user information and session history in a central place makes for a better user experience.

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