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Unified Communications

One number and one mailbox for all your communication needs. Fax, IM, Voice Call, Voice Mail and email all in one unified system, designed for efficient communication.Unified Communication an intelligent system that can play a major role in Business Process Automation and Optimization.

Single Number, Single Mailbox

Getting things done with notes

You can receive your calls through your office phone, through your mobile while on the move and through remote office phone while you are stationed there. All through a single number without users knowing about your locations.

All you emails, faxes and voicemails within single inbox. So you don't have to hunt them around.

And a great list of  telephony features to boost your productivity and meet business compliance requirements.

Improve Collaboration, Reduce Costs and Gain Control of Enterprise Communications

The workforce continues to become increasingly more mobile with professionals on the road more often than not.  Doing business today means keeping up with multiple phone numbers and voicemail systems.  The challenge of keeping up with multiple numbers and voicemail systems has become cumbersome, affecting employee productivity and the cost of doing business.Keeping up has become an intricate study in disparate systems and access control. Not to mention escalating costs.

Businessware Technologies Unified Communication Services provides a single point of contact for managing the complexities of implementing and managing a next generation network infrastructure. Businessware Technologies can help you successfully bring together voice, e-mail, voicemail, video/data/audio conferencing, collaboration and mobile technologies on a single unified communications platform.

Working at a pace that's right for your enterprise, Businessware Technologies transforms your current environment into a converged multi-service network to give you control over your communications, improved collaboration across the enterprise, enhanced productivity and better customer service.

Businessware Technologies begins by mapping out a phased approach to achieve the converged network. During the transformation, we help you maximize the value of the technology you already have and focus on new technology investment to drive competitive advantage and improve operational performance. In the end, you'll be ready for utility-based computing, the future business model for communications services so you can enjoy pricing based on the value delivered.

Businessware Technologies Unified Communications makes it easier for people to manage enterprise communications and check others’ availability and to collaborate with one another via unified telephony, voice, video, instant messaging, Web conferencing, e-mail, voicemail, and business processes and applications.

Network Convergence Features
  • Internet Protocol (IP) Telephony – Provides management and delivery of voice calls over your existing IP/Data network.
  • Unified Messaging – Offers one inbox for managing voicemails and emails through existing desktop messaging clients (i.e. Microsoft Outlook).
  • PresenceAbility to visually check availability of the end-user through desktop/laptop client applications such as Cisco Unified Personal Communicator or Microsoft Office Communicator.
  • Rich Media ConferencingAbility to deliver audio and web-based conferencing capabilities via a premises based or hosted solution.
  • HP Halo Telepresence – Solutions are fully-managed, end-to-end collaboration technologies that bring people together into an environment that looks, sounds and feels as if they are just across the table. As part of this managed service, HP Halo Telepresence worldwide operates on the Halo Video Exchange Network, a dedicated fiber optic network designed for optimal and reliable video collaboration.
  • Reduce Cost and Increase Employee Productivity Satisfaction – Unified communications provide advantages over existing voice infrastructure and services by putting the “person-to-person” back into communications. We work with you to develop a solution for each of your locations that takes into account your existing investment and infrastructure and the budget and goals for that site.
Unified Communication Services will provide:
  • A single point of contact to centrally manage unified communications implementations thus eliminating the complexity of managing multiple suppliers
  • Safeguards for existing investment by targeting end-of-life, end-of-lease and Greenfield sites to maximize return on investment
  • Immediate access to Businessware Technologies tools, processes and skilled resources who have more than five years experience delivering large-scale unified communications deployments
  • Assurance that clients receive the right solution the first time, delivering a comprehensive solution based on a leveraged architecture that can be ubiquitously deployed to clients in all geographies
  • Savings on telephony costs by reducing long distance and conference-calling charges, bypassing the public switched telephone network and using bandwidth more effectively
  • Control over costs by enhancing operational efficiencies, decreasing on-going management, maintenance and support cost and providing predictable monthly pricing
  • Increased employee satisfaction and productivity with improved person-to person connectivity and collaboration; your employees can share calendars and have access to a coworker's status, whether they're on a call, in a meeting or in the office
  • Enhanced collaboration with audio, video or Web conferencing and Telepresence to reduce travel and the accompanying carbon footprint.

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